A farmer’s life for me

Today I took a day trip to my friend Aditya’s uncle’s farm. About an hour and a half outside of town, this farm was a nice getaway from the busy life of the city. Teja, Aditya and I had been planning to go to the farm all week, and despite our best efforts to get a few more people to tag along, only my buddy Steve came.

Here is a picture of the crew: Left to right : Teja, Me, Aditya, and Steve.

Teja is a Fulbright scholar from California who is doing her research on Kuchipudi dancing. She has been doing this dance since she was a child and her capstone performance is coming up soon. I’ll probably make a post in itself about this later. Check her blog here. She used to dance with a former co-worker of mine. Aditya is the friend whose uncle’s farm we were at, he is still in college and has known Teja for a long time. Lastly, Steve works for Microsoft here in Hyderabad (technically in Hi-Tech City), and has been encouraging me to share his passion for running. All three of them are software/mechanical engineers… geeks.

Upon entering the main gate, we could immediately see some adorable cows and water buffalo, and as we continued our journey up the dusty road towards the main farmhouse, we came across some weird grapefruit-like citruses. Not brave enough to try one, we trekked on. For fear of this becoming a food blog, I am not going to go too deep into this, but I noticed that Indian farms grow some weird stuff that you don’t find in the USA. The grapefruit-like thingies, some weird kiwi-looking fruits called suppota, and Jackfruit are all among things they grew there. Yum? These didn’t prepare me for the coolest thing, EMUS!

The emus are like small dinosaurs. They always have their mouths slightly open like they are going to barf, which makes them look both goofy and scary at the same time.  We went into their cages and I tried to get them to run around by running directly at them – bad plan. Two emus promptly stood their ground and stood up to their full height as they saw me coming at them. I stopped dead in my tracks officially having my bluff called and now the beta-dog. I quickly exited the emu pen before their bird-brains all realized they were the ones in charge. Later I saw one of their eggs, it was a brilliant shade of green and friggin enormous!


Finally, Aditya’s uncle’s farm-workers prepared some food for us, all fresh from the farm. It felt really trendy to be drinking coconut water and eating organic food, but it was delicious. All in all, it was a great day and a nice relaxing end to the weekend.

for more photos, click here.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Sapotas or Cheekus are my sister’s favourite fruit (after Mango of course) and you can cook raw Jackfruit into the tastiest of kooralu!
    Btw You and Teja should check out Ranbagh Dance Festival thats happening like right now, last day is 17th ….


  2. Posted by Sandeep on February 17, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Dude emu meat is becoming really popular in India…and it’s delicious. You better have tried the sapotas, they’re freaking amazing and seasonal as well so eat em while you can


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