Celebrity status, one page four newspaper photo at a time.

Apparently after the July 4th party, the reporter for the Times of India newspaper thought that myself and fellow coworker Kevin would look good in print! Here is the evidence.

Damn. We look gooood.

In other news, today I played cricket with the consulate team. We went out at 8:30 am to the cricket grounds dressed in our “whites” (for me that was a pair of skinny jeans) and prepared for a grueling match. Unfortunately, cricket requires about as much athletic ability as professional sun-tanning, and many of the skills you need for the game must be honed over a long time. If it sounds like im throwing out excuses for why I played poorly… you’re probably right. My at-bat was mercifully short and (strangely similar to baseball) I was out after 3 bowls (0 hits). At least I fielded about as well as anyone. This was my first time playing with the official cricket ball, and lord o mercy, that ball is hard! Its like designed to injure people. British must have a mean streak in their blood because I have no idea why a ball would be designed to be that dangerous (as Benny pointed out, the British are the same people who came up with Rugby). Seriously, trying to catch that ball barehanded (gloves are a nicht nicht) is an exercise in masochism. We ended up losing in a somewhat close match. They were on track to score a lot more points than we were, but we were doing pretty well about getting wickets, of which we had 7 when they caught up to our score. Benny, my coworker with previous baseball experience, was the other American on the team, and thankfully he helps dispel any misconceptions they may have about American athletic abilities that are formed after watching me play.

Here are the photos from the match.


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