Whew, just getting this post in before the month mark hit on my last post.

A lot has been happening lately, yet somehow nothing that I really felt like writing about. I sold my car (98 Land Rover) and bought another used car (06 Ford Ikon). Along with a new car, it seems I will be needing a new driver. Today my driver just told me that the job he recently acquired at the consulate doesn’t allow him to work for two employers, so he fired me, ouch. I have long overdue plans to hire a maid that may come to fruition this weekend, fingers crossed. I hosted a couple of shindigs the last few weeks that have left my place in particularly dire straits, so a maid at this point will have a chance to really prove herself (and that’s the real reason I let things get so dirty…).

Work is about to get a little bit crazier because two of my co-workers are going on extended leave, one to see his first child getting born, and the other to take his hard-earned R&R trip for a month in the American Southwest. I’m pretty jealous of both of them. With their absence, interview numbers drop slightly, but the rest of us have to pick up a lot of the slack. To stay sane, I’ve been keeping up my twice a week tennis matches. Jeremy has had a chain of visitors dropping in to keep him company. I’m not sure how he markets this place better than I am, but it seems to work.

Yesterday, bizarrely, a young American lady came into the consulate to get some extra passport pages, and it turns out that she was not only from North Carolina, but she went to UNC Chapel Hill, studied at the business school at the same time I was there, and studied abroad in Hong Kong the exact same summer that I was there. We even have some mutual friends. It was a totally unexpected dose of home that was really enjoyable. Speaking of home, my father tells me that Hyderabad’s temperature right now is actually cooler than Asheville’s. There probably aren’t too many months in the year where that holds true, so I have been enjoying the 70 degree temperatures as much as I can.

I’ve recently been enjoying killing time listening to random videos and doing math problems at which I recommend you check out. Game mechanics like achievements and badges coupled with educational materials is totally the way of the future.

I’m mainly posting to let everyone know I’m still alive. I DO have some travel plans for the end of this month, so definitely tune in for a post around that time.




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  1. haha NOW it all makes sense… you’re testing the potential new maid with obstacles such as the stank room. nice interviewing technique!

    Let me (or benny) know if you are looking for a new driver… our driver’s cousin is in the market for a job.


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